C&C Consultants

Company Profile

Since its inception in 1979 C&C Consultants has provided acoustical design & noise control services on hundreds of projects including individual residences, multi-stories housing developments, Houses of Worship, performing arts spaces, studios & music suites, teaching & research environments, corporate settings, and manufacturing & industrial environments. The company also offers expert witness testimony in the area of noise-related concerns and it has worked with Local, State and Federal government entities. The firm does business on a regular basis with numerous architectural, engineering, development, and legal firms,  and its portfolio of projects spans over twenty-two US states and three continents.

C&C Consultants has conducted business successfully since 1979. It is a division of Partage Group, LLC, incorporated in the State of Nebraska. 

The firm's designs and solutions are based on solid scientific principles combined with practical experience and an appreciation of the costs, regulatory, and aesthetics issues to be considered. Starting with the initial site survey to the final proof of performance, C&C Consultants uses state-of-the-art tools during all phases of the testing and design processes. Applicable ISO, ASTM, and DIN Standards (whether mandated or not) are always adhered to as a reflection of the firm's total commitment to Best Practices.

The firm's portfolio is a testimony that it has the ability and experience to meet the needs of clients ranging from one-person operations to Fortune 500 corporations; the firm's repeat business with Architects and Owners over the past four decades is another testimony that attests to the value of its services.

C&C Consultants does not represent any manufacturer and/or products. It does not derive any income from commissions and/or product sales, it does not accept gifts from vendors, and it solely represents its client's interests through all phases of its engagement.