Architectural Acoustics

Description and services

Architectural Acoustics deals with the study of the propagation of sound inside an enclosed space. The successful practitioner in this field strives to create concert halls that help showcase details of an artist's performance to the audience, Houses of Worship that bring the parishioners closer to their faith, classrooms that contribute to a more effective learning experience, or multi-family residential buildings with a high degree of noise insulation and privacy. C&C Consultants provides design and testing services in Architectural Acoustics to a wide range of constituents. The company's portfolio includes individual residences and multiple housing developments, performing arts spaces, schools, universities, offices, and churches, as well as local, state, and Federal government facilities. The vast majority of our projects are undertaken with an architectural or an engineering firm as our client, and we join the design team during the schematic design (SD) or the design development (DD) phases of the project. We follow through the contract documents (CD) phase with a review of all specification, and we assist with training if required during the construction management (CM) phase of the project.

The Architectural Acoustics design services that we offer are:

  • Room acoustics: We compute and evaluate all of the relevant acoustical parameters during the planning and the design development of the space. We determine the proper volume, shape, and surface material assignment for the intended usage of the space, while taking into account all issues related to sound perception and aesthetics.
  • Computer simulations: We provide in-depth simulations to analyze the propagation of sound into the space, and we use these simulations to create "auralizations" that allow the Owner to listen to the space as it is being planned. This results in a direct evaluation of the rationale behind our recommendations.
  • Mechanical system review: We use extensive computer models to analyze the noise performance of the mechanical systems inside the space and we integrate the findings into the audible simulations. From an open office floor plan to the main auditorium of a performing arts center, we strive to create environments that are the most conducive to the needs of the space.
  • Noise abatement and insulation: We analyze all exterior and interior sources of noise to create partition designs that exceed the requirements for quiet and pleasant environments while taking into account structural and cost issues. We provide audible simulations that illustrate the effect that various partitions will create in terms of noise abatement, and we follow-up with specific recommendations for manufacturers, vendors, and installers.
  • Vibration analysis: We design and specify the mounting bases for all noise-producing mechanical equipment in collaboration with the mechanical team and with reputable vendors. We work with the structural engineer to specify measures related to building isolation.
  • Custom assemblies: We design and specify custom systems for sound diffusion and absorption, when off-the-shelf items are either unavailable or cost prohibitive.

The testing services that we offer are:

  • Airborne sound isolation of partitions such as walls and floor/ceiling and assessment of the field sound transmission class (F-STC) as per relevant standards.
  • Impact noise isolation of floors/ceilings and assessment of the field impact isolation class (F-IIC) as per relevant standards.
  • Parameter assessment in existing spaces including reverberation time (early, late), reflection ratios, ambient noise levels, sound pressure level (SPL) mapping, noise criterion (NC), room criterion (RC), and many others.
  • Dosimetric studies for planning of sound masking systems and of furniture layout in open-office settings.
  • Vibration tests for displacement, resonance modes, and spectral content in walls, floors, ceilings, and connecting structures in existing buildings.