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Design Philosophy

Acoustics is often described as a blend of science and art, however this depiction is often tilted toward the artistic side by those who dwell into the field with limited scientific training or without engineering qualifications. This is unfortunate because this state of affairs has created a common perception that "good acoustics" are difficult to appreciate and that acoustical factors should be viewed as secondary issues issues. C&C Consultants is committed to demystifying the issues surrounding acoustics in architectural and in environmental settings. This is achieved by insuring that -as customary in any scientific discipline- solid scientific principles are at the foundation of any design, and that said principles take precedence over other issues in order to meet the stated goals of the project. This is not saying that our designs do not take aesthetics or costs into account, but that they simply reflect a high degree of scientific integrity that is shielded from compromises. This approach insures that realistic and fair expectations are created when all issues are reviewed with the members of the design team, and that the results of choices specifically related to costs and/or aesthetics are fully understood by the Owner.

C&C Consultants only works on projects for which a highly educated and experienced design team is being assembled. In instances where all of the design work in to be done in-house, we only accept clients that demonstrate a willingness to follow the high design standards set forth by the firm; as a result, every year we turn down more projects than we accept after discussing the scope of the work with prospective clients.