What People Say

Attracting new clients is a good thing, but maintaining long-term relationships with existing clients is even better because it reveals the true strength of our consulting practice. Over the past three decades we have forged bonds with our customers because of our commitment to solving problems, sharing knowledge, and improving the delivery of our services. The followings quotes are a small sample of what clients say about C & C Consultants.

"Without exception, I have found C & C Consultants' acoustical expertise to be of the highest standard. Their acoustical analysis and design input has been specific and relevant as demanded in the variety of projects with which we have worked together."

Patricia Birch, A.I.A.

"Our association with C & C Consultants has been a wonderful experience. Dominique Chéenne is a wonderful educator; demystifying the science of acoustics and integrating it within a holistic design."

James K. Dennell, A.I.A.

"C & C Consultants has provided us with responsiveness, flexibility, and team work. The acoustical engineering of buildings by C & C Consultants has resulted in many successful projects. Thank you for allowing us to always provide our clients with a design especially suited for their needs."

Vishal Khanna, M.S, P.E.
Advanced Engineering Systems

"We have worked on many projects together. I appreciate your ability to efficiently analyze a project and effectively design solutions to acoustical problems. I have always felt that your services were of exceptional value and I plan to continue our working relationship between our offices."

Dan Spiry, A.I.A.
Bahr Vermeer & Haecker Architects

"I have been extremely pleased with the quality and value of the work our firm has received from C & C Consultants. I know that our clients have appreciated the unbiased, accurate, thorough, and understandable information that your company has consistently provided."

Scott Stober, A.I.A.
Wilkins, Stober, Hinrichs Architects

"As an architectural practice of 30+ individuals that focuses a large part of its effort on civic and educational projects, we rely heavily upon consulting engineers to design the various supporting systems within our buildings. It has been our pleasure to have the services of C & C Consultants at our fingertips for almost 15 years. While we have worked occasionally with other acoustical consultants, Dominique has consistently been the 'acoustician of choice' by all of our Project Architects. Dominique's willingness to tackle even the smallest of acoustic issues with the same intensity & fervor he shows on our larger projects is greatly appreciated by our staff. He has shown an innate ability to make this very unique science of sound easily understandable to both architects and clients alike. We consider ourselves fortunate to have the 'cutting edge' expertise he represents available to us on what is all too often short notice. He has consistently met all of our deadlines, no matter how unreasonable, and provided a level of service that we have found to be unmatched by others in his field. When it comes to any type of issue or question that involves sound, the unanimous response in our office is 'Call Dominique!'"

John E. Sinclair, A.I.A, NCARB
Sinclair Hille Architects

"Dominique Chéenne has one of those rare scientific minds that is able to explain, in terms a non-scientific client can understand, acoustical design issues that enable the client to make informed business decisions. It is a pleasure to work with someone who can translate so well."

James Arter, President
The Arter Group

"I always learn something new whenever I speak with Dr. Chéenne. He has been a key member of several project teams, and I think his advice is essential in designing multi-family housing."

Carrie Jeffers, A.I.A.
Mayer Jeffers Gillespie, Architects

"C & C Consultants has assisted us in the design of numerous projects from Corporate Headquarters, to Performance Halls, to Classrooms. They have consistently provided us with optional solutions that are effective, cost-efficient, and buildable. Our clients have been very satisfied with the performance of our team effort in meeting their needs."

Tim Holland, A.I.A., Principal
Holland Basham Architects