Environmental Acoustics

Description and services

Environmental Acoustics primarily deals with the study of noise, i.e. unwanted sound, with the propagation of sound outdoors, and with the resulting issues of noise pollution and noise abatement. From surveying the noise at planned construction sites, to designing custom sound barriers for shielding residences from traffic, to the computer mapping of the expected noise pollution from a power plant, the goal of the designer should be to create a quieter world for all to enjoy. C&C Consultants provides design and testing services in Environmental Acoustics in all of the afore-mentioned areas. The company has worked with developers, residential owners, industrial sector representatives, and with governmental authorities to control noise pollution in a wide range of settings, and it continues to strive for the highest feasible standards in all of its designs. C&C Consultants is committed to reducing noise in the environment and the firm's portfolio affirms this obligation.

The Environmental Acoustics design services that we offer are:

  • Noise models: We use state-of-the art tools to predict noise propagation for a wide range of situations, and we apply the findings for site planning and for the evaluation of compliance with applicable ordinances.
  • Noise control: We specify and design noise abatement solutions for a wide range of noise sources including traffic pathways, large mechanical systems, industrial settings, or construction equipment.
  • Compliance review: We review all applicable ordinances to insure that a planned design will satisfy or exceed stated or implied requirements.

The Environmental Acoustics testing services that we offer are:

  • Noise surveys: we record and analyze the noise environment in various settings, and we quantify the findings using the appropriate descriptors. We report the findings using all applicable standards and we assess the environmental impact of the noise. Both short-term and long-term surveys are offered.
  • Noise monitoring: we assess compliance with applicable standards or regulation in cases related to noise pollution control.
  • Vibration monitoring: we assess ground-based and structure-borne vibration levels and we analyze & report using the appropriate Standards.
  • Workplace noise assessment: We perform dosimetric noise surveys in work settings to insure that compliance with applicable regulations is being met. We report using OSHA, NIOSH, and ISO guidelines.